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We pride ourselves in our tailored service. Kenya Travel Guide UK’s  company philosophy is bound by  excellence in  customer service and personal attention to each and every client.


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Tailored Service
Personal  Service at Kenya Travel Guide UK Ltd. means that each detail of your safari is tailor-made personally, for you only. Every tour is undertaken by your personal Tours Consultant and your driver/guide who will be with you from the day you land at the airport, throughout your safari, until you depart.


Nothing  but the best Accommodation
We take great pride in providing only the best accommodation for you, using the best lodges, hotels and camps. Over the past years, our affiliate partners have built robust relationships with the leading hotel and lodge companies and enjoy a preferential client prominence. Find the best rates, compare prices on 100's of hotel booking sites at once, 2,360,426 hotel deals,  121,278+ destinations worldwide and Summaries of reviews from verified guests across the web.


Superior safari vehicles
While other tour operators sub-hire from various sources, K.T.G.UK has its own fleet of special custom safari cruisers. Each driver/guide is assigned his personal vehicle. Our vehicles are maintained in their top most condition under the supervision of our professional workshop. A fully-fledged in house workshop is the backbone in the efficient running of our fleet of safari vehicles.


Knowledgeable drivers and guides
The triumph of every safari fundamentally depends on your driver/guide. Your guide is responsible for the success of the safari and the welfare of the customers. We take boundless care when picking our drivers/guides, only the top pass our tests. They are fully proficient in all aspects of wildlife identification and behaviour, general tourism studies and upkeep of vehicles.


Extensive  pre-safari orientation
While most tour operators opt to send you pre-trip information, at Kenya Travel Guide UK Ltd you will be met by a personal  tours consultant who is responsible for your safari and the authoritative UK agent of the parent tour company. The consultant will take you through the safari program, enlightening you on what to anticipate on the safari, provide background information and materials, discuss the dos and don'ts and answer any other questions.

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